The Seed Alliance reported their activities through Technical Reports and funds allocation through Financial Reports. In a similar approach all Grant recipients also produced Technical Reports to share the outcomes of their work wth the community and their lessons learned, as well as reported the use of funds through Financial Reports. Available Grant recipients reports are linked from the Supported Projects section.

Technical Reports

For each a year of the grant, a Technical Report covering all regional activities conducted by the Seed Alliance was submitted to the main donors, IDRC and Sida. This digital Completion Report was produced as part of the Sida requirements. As part of its secretariat role for the Seed Alliance, APNIC coordinated the production of all technical reports covering all regional activities conducted under the Seed Alliance.

Financial Reports

Each RIR submitted separate financial reports to the IDRC, according to an independent disbursement schedule.

  • AFRINIC (FIRE Africa) submitted two financial reports.
  • APNIC (ISIF Asia) has submitted three financial reports.
  • LACNIC (FRIDA) submitted five financial reports.

All reports submitted to IDRC were approved and funds transferred according to the budget forecast.

On behalf of the Seed Alliance, APNIC submitted financial reports to Sida during 2013, 2014 and 2016 covering all activities funded by Sida’s grant.

Additionally, copies of reports submitted to IDRC were shared with Sida for follow-up on the consolidated budget with all donors and sponsors.

Funds from IDRC and Sida were audited as per the Annual Audit procedures.

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