About FIRE Africa, FRIDA and ISIF Asia

Each of the three RIRs designs and defines its own strategies to enable it to reach the Seed Alliances’ objective, which provides them with the flexibility and autonomy to operate in their own localities. However, they share a common framework to support projects, share knowledge and to document innovation on Internet development with community focus.

 FIRE Africa

The Fund for Internet Research and Development – FIRE Africa – is a Grants and Awards program designed to encourage, support and develop innovative online solutions to Africa’s education, information, infrastructure and communication needs. Since 2007 FIRE Africa has supported 30 projects from 16 economies throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean, allocating over US$446,820 funding | Read the FIRE Africa Brochure.


The Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia) is a Grants and Awards program aimed at stimulating creative solutions to ICT development needs in the Asia Pacific region, placing particular emphasis on the role of the Internet in social and economic development in the region, towards the effective development of the Information Society throughout. ISIF Asia offers support through competitive grants and awards processes as well as supporting mentoring, coaching and networking opportunities for selected recipients. Since 2009, ISIF Asia has supported 67 projects from 22 economies in the Asia Pacific, allocating around AU$ 2.7 million to projects providing innovative solutions on access provision, education, health, localization, language preservation, human rights, among others.


The Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) is an initiative of LACNIC, dedicated to contributing to the development of the Information Society in our region by funding research projects and by recognizing and rewarding innovative approaches in the use of ICTs for development. Since 2004, over 1000 research groups and institutions in the region participated in the calls for Grants and Awards launched by the program. FRIDA has supported 112 projects in 18 economies and has allocated over US$1.4 million to projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean | Read the FRIDA Brochure.

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