Site Visits

Site Visits

Thanks to the support from Sida, each of the three programs conducted site visits in their respective regions during 2012-2015. The purpose of these site visits was to enable the regional programs and the Seed Alliance as a whole to gather lessons learned from the direct beneficiaries of the funding allocations, as well as to understand the context in which they operate, the network of partners they work with, and the challenges they face for the future. Although the purpose of the site visits was not to evaluate the performance of the projects, the knowledge gained from being on location greatly complemented the assessments of the projects the programs supported. The site visits were funded under the Sida grant.

  • FIRE Africa conducted 9 site visits in 4 economies
  • FRIDA conducted 7 site visits in 5 economies
  • ISIF Asia conducted 7 site visits in 5 economies

During the site visits, each regional program produced internal reports for monitoring and evaluation as well as photographic documentation.


FIRE Site Visits

  • Iservices Ltd. “Capacity Building in Information Security: Training the end-user”. Togo. (2013 FIRE Grantee).
  • Beacons Foundation Development. “Citizen Jury – JAZI”. Nigeria. (2014 FIRE Grantee).
  • University of Ilorin. “Wireless Mesh Network for Campus Radio”. Nigeria. (2013 FIRE Grantee).
  • Competences Ltd. “Cyber Champion – Bodiel”. Cote d’Ivoire. (2014 FIRE Grantee).
  • Network of Non Formal Education Institution. Enabling access to basic Education through Technology. Kenya. (2013 FIRE Grantee).
  • Synergy Informatics Ltd. Integrated Management System for Continuous Medical Education. Kenya. (2013 FIRE Grantee).
  • Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI).” Enhancing Access to Kenya’s Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AS&T) Information in Institutional and KAINet e-Repositories”. Kenya. (2013 FIRE Grantee).
  • Asonga Foundation. “School Children Cybersafety: Use of ICT in a safe and secure cyber environments”. Kenya. (2014 FIRE Grantee).
  • Masinde Mulero University of Science and Technology. “Problem-based-E-Learning System Development for Use in Agricultural Training and Extension”. Kenya. (2014 FIRE Grantee).


FRIDA Site Visits

  • Conexión El Salvador, El Salvador (2012 Grant)
  • Antioquia University, Colombia (2014 Grant)
  • ONGAWA, Peru-Nicaragua (2013 Awards, Awards+ and 2014 Start up)
  • Fundación Movicancer, Nicaragua (2014 Grant)
  • Fundación AraucaniaAprende, Chile (2014 Grant)
  • Canales, Argentina (2013 Award and Awards+)
  • Tiflonexos, Argentina (2014 Awards and Awards+)
  • Emily Fenichel Foundation, Argentina (2014 Grant)


FRIDA produced the following short documentaries:


ISIF Asia Site Visits

  • BAPSI, Helen Keller Institute and Homi Bhabha National Institute, “Mobile phones for the deaf blind”. Mumbai, India (2014 ISIF Grant recipient).
  • Nazdeek and PRAHJRA, “Using Mobile Application and Mapping Platform to Increase Accountability in Delivery of Maternal Health Services for Tea Garden Workers in Assam”. Tezpur, India (2014 ISIF Grant recipient).
  • Cook Islands Internet Action Group, “Maori Database”. Rarotonga, Cook Islands (2014 ISIF Grant recipient).
  • Operation ASHA, “Link TB with Technology (LTT)” Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2014 ISIF Grant recipient).
  • Access Health International, “EaKap”. Manila, The Philippines (2013 ISIF Grant recipient and 2014 Award winner).
  • iSolutions, “Pacific Islands Schools, Connectivity, Education, and Solar (PISCES) Project” (2013 ISIF Grant recipient) and “Chuuk State Solar Server Education Hub” (2014 ISIF Grant recipient). Truk, Micronesia.
  • University of Queensland , “CoralWatch”. Brisbane, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia.
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