As part of its work, the Seed Alliance facilitated a series of webinars on how projects leaders can apply for grants and how they can successfully navigate and manage the grants process. The five part series covers a wide range of topics including how to apply for a grant, how to monitor and evaluate projects, how to create effective reports, how to create communications plans and build global networks and how to kick-start fundraising activities. These webinars are free and available to anyone. The webinars can be viewed below. These videos are also available in Spanish here.


Webinar 1: Applying For Grants

First in the series of webinars on applying and managing grants. Participants can learn about the general steps that should be taken when applying for grants.

Webinar 2: Effective Grant Writing

In this webinar we talk about the kind of things a successful grant proposal should include and how to write one.

Webinar 3: Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

The third webinar in the series talks about the importance of Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and share tips for effective Reporting.

Webinar 4: Communication and Networking

In this webinar we discuss the importance of creating a clear communication strategy and share some effective ways that projects can be promoted through networking.

Webinar 5: Fundraising

In the final webinar of the series, we talk about why projects should focus on fundraising, how to kick-start fundraising efforts and how to maximize the impact from fundraising activities.

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